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 Master the Basics of Abacus in 7 hours!

We are offering a 9-week abacus program with classes held once a week for 50 minutes each. The focus of these classes is on basic addition and subtraction. All classes will be conducted via Zoom, and in case someone can't attend live, access to the recorded sessions will be available through an associated Facebook group. Since these are group lessons, they won't be equivalent to individual tutoring, so parental cooperation is requested. There are no age restrictions, but it's designed as a program where everyone progresses at the same pace, so individual tutoring might be better suited for some individuals. The aim is to introduce as many people as possible to the abacus and foster a positive relationship with numbers.

The schedule for the 9 weeks is as follows:

1. Oct 19, 2023: Introduction (Please have an abacus ready)
2. Oct 26, 2023: Addition (Combination of 5)
3. Nov 03, 2023: Addition (Combination of 10)
4. Nov 10, 2023: Addition (Combination of 10)
5. Nov 17, 2023: Subtraction (Combination of 5)
6. Nov 24, 2023: Subtraction (Combination of 10)
7. Dec 1, 2023: Subtraction (Combination of 10)
8. Dec 8, 2023: 2-Digit Addition 
9. Dec 15, 2023: 2-Digit Subtraction

Please sign up and make a payment ($180). We will accept the cancellation within 1 week and will provide a full refund.

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