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Let's get set your GOAL in 3 months.


We value our students learning independently and at their own pace. Each student learns at his or her own pace, with material appropriate to his or her level. Of course, if you don't understand something, we will help you until you do. 
2 types of plan are available. Private and Share.
You can book 12 lessons in 3months of your choice. There are no fees other than the tuition fee. Please prepare for your own abacus which has one upper bead and 4 bottom beads.


We made it simple. 

Private 45min 

$150 for 1month with 4 lessons. (Auto Renew)

$450 for 3months with 12 lessons.

Share 45min

$220 for 1month with 4 lessons. (Auto Renew)

$660 for 3months with 12 lessons.


This is the idea of progress schedule, please use it as a reference.

Try your Best

  • 1st session ... 30min Trial

  • 2~9th ... Master the basics

  • 10~11th ... 9kyu (2digits*1digit, 2digits addition)

  • 12~15th ... 8kyu (3digits*1digit, 3digits/1digit, 2digits addition)

  • 16~19th ... 7kyu (2digits*2digits, 4digits/1digit, 3digits addition)

  • 20~28th ... 6kyu (3digits*2digits, 4digits/2digits,3digits addition)

  • 29~38th ... 5kyu (3digits*3digits, 5digits/3digits,4digits addition)

  • 39~48th ... 4kyu (4digits*3digits, 6digits/3digits,5digits addition)


  • 1st session ... 30min Trial

  • 2~11th ... Master the basics

  • 12~15th ... 9kyu (2digits*1digit, 2digits addition)

  • 16~24th ... 8kyu (3digits*1digit, 3digits/1digit, 2digits addition)

  • 25~32nd ... 7kyu (2digits*2digits, 4digits/1digit, 3digits addition)

  • 33~48th ... 6kyu (3digits*2digits, 4digits/2digits,3digits addition)

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