May 8, 2014


How your program and advancement system work?

Each level is partitioned to give the student enough concepts to master before moving on to the next level. The nine levels constitute the basic program for mastering fundamental mental calculation techniques.

  • Super Basic Program
  • Basic Program  (2 Levels,  9-8 Kyu)
  • Intermediate Program (4 Levels, 7-4 Kyu)
  • Advanced Program (3 Levels, 3-1 Kyu)
  • Expert Program (Degreed Studies,Dan)

Every student has to start from the bottom,no matter with his/her age or grade. After entering basic program, the student achieves 70% or better at the test, then he/she will be allowed to progress to the next level. The average student will be able to complete the whole program in three to five years or shorter. Depending on the individual’s progress, some students have completed the basic program in a few months. All up to you.  

What is the Benefit then?

  • Efficient Brain … The course is about Abacus education. We use numbers 0-9 and the abacus as the prime tool to develop the mental abilities of the child. We are simply using the child’s ability to do mental arithmetic to increase the productivity of the brain and to enhance mind power.
  • Fast Calculation Skill … The use of the abacus uses a left to right calculation method, which makes quick estimation and rounding off possible. It improves the understanding of compounded numbers (the Abacus uses supplementary numbers for 5 and 10). The Abacus visually shows the concepts of decimal places and the progression of units by tens. Many asian children proficient in the Abacus eventually visualize the Soroban in their minds and do high level arithmetic without the aid of any calculating tool. The Soroban instantly accomplishes addition and subtraction when you placed the numbers on the abacus.
  • Abacus + Brain … Scientific analyses indicate abacus training can improve a child’s ability to: concentrate, visualize, memorize, observe,and process information. 

How Quilckly will I see a difference in my child’s math?

 You will notice they are confidence and comfort with numbers soon. But every child progresses at a different rate, but enthusiasm and encouragement from parents will aid the child. It’s important that parents understand this is a complete system and every stage is valuable to your child’s development. Anyway.

What is the teaching style of the class?

The children work independently at their own individual pace. By the way , there is no age range in our class. You may worry about it, but believe me; it is the beauty of collaborations. They will learn more things through mixed age class. Also they learn how to manage all the stuff, worksheets, time even themselves  through the class and home work.

Do I have to help my child?

With some support from parents to facilitate Soroban exercises, the child’s progress will improve dramatically. Important things are “Let them to do by themselves”, “Give them praise but not too much.” and “Be patient”.

Do I have to stay at the class ?

You don’t need it. But if you child struggles with attention we may require that you remain in the class to assist them to manage their behaviour because of the independent learning style of the class.