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First, let's start with basic addition and subtraction. Once you understand the basics and can calculate quickly and accurately, you will learn multiplication and division.
Of course, we also practice abacus mental arithmetic.

ZOOM One on One Lessons:


in-Person Group Sessions:

Own Pace Learning

There are no age (4years up) 

or experience restrictions. Practice at your own pace.

PODS lessons for children who are not good at online lessons. Make a small group which up to 6 kids with your friends and invite us as PODS teachers. 

PODS or Zoom

After all, we can't find a good venue. I have no prospects for the future, so we decided to use face-to-face lessons in PODS style. It's the style we ask you to organize a small learning group and space. We visit you as a POD teacher.           The ZOOM class will continue.



Fast Calculation Skills

The use of the abacus uses a left to right calculation method, which makes quick estimation and rounding off possible. It improves the understanding of compounded numbers. Many children who are proficient in Abacus eventually visualize the Soroban in their minds and perform high-level arithmetics without the aid of any calculating tool. 

Build Confidence

Our experienced teaching techniques at Ikoma Abacus Learning are guaranteed to build confidence in all students, no matter their starting point.

There are no tricks or shortcuts - just persistence and true strategies for success.

Qualifed Instructors

At Ikoma Abacus Learning, experienced instructors help students strengthen their foundations and improve their skills.


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