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Easy to understand
Number Concept

Using an abacus can aid in the development of basic math skills, such as counting, addition, and subtraction. The tactile and visual nature of the abacus can make mathematical concepts more concrete and understandable for some individuals with Dyscalicula.

Development of
Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating the beads on an abacus requires fine motor skills, which can be helpful for individuals who may struggle with coordination and dexterity. The repetitive motion of moving beads on the abacus can contribute to the development and improvement of fine motor skills.

Visual and Spatial Skills

The abacus provides a visual representation of numbers and their relationships. This can help individuals who need to improve their visual and spatial reasoning skills, which may be areas of difficulty for some.

Meditative State/  Focus and Concentration

Using an abacus may help improve focus and concentration skills. The structured and repetitive nature of the abacus can be calming for some individuals and may assist in maintaining attention on a task.


Why do you want them to learn the abacus? What is the goal?
I was asked.

I started when I was three years old without thinking. I was at the national tournament level for a long time, but one day in high school, I suddenly wondered what I was doing. It's just calculation! Why?
I was in a swamp of questions, and it was getting complicated.

I have been agonizing over the question for a long time and could not give a clear answer, but now that I finally have a clear picture of my intention, I would like to share it with you.


Times have changed, and I don't believe that there is much advantage to the speed of calculation with the abacus.

But I think it is one of the best way to introduce calculation as a concrete object.
The grasp of digits. Logic and visualization of the calculation process. And so on.

What the children who have reached the higher levels have in common is the ability to concentrate.
It is the ability to concentrate deeply in a short period of time. I think this is something that develops along with the ability to observe to make sure they are playing correctly.

In addition, in the abacus method of mental arithmetic, we move an imaginary abacus in our head and in our heart, although we do not know where it really is. It is a state of relaxation and concentration, exactly the same as meditation, so it is truly limitless. You will be able to handle large numbers.
One of the students told me that it cleared her head. Welcome to the world!

It is not only a knowledge of the abacus, but also a way to learn for the purpose of personal growth, which is difficult to see and measure.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. 



BC, CANADA,  Pacific Time


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