Updated: May 4

To learn abacus, you first need an abacus. In the olden days, people used the abacus as a calculation tool. So a conversion unit has to be suitable for that era. In Japan, the 16 teen system used to be the basic unit. So, they use an abacus with two beads on the top and five beads on the bottom. As you all know, the quality of Japanese abacus is outstanding. You can buy that Japanese abacus on Amazon Japan. There are various types of affordable ones. I hope you can buy it according to your needs. Yet, my recommendation is the Unshu abacus. It is the best brand in Japan. Many competition-level students are using it, even me. I have been using the abacus made by the masters of Unshu abacus for 50 years.

I'll show you my Soroban with the pen and pencil mark.

You won't regret.

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